The following photos are from the personal album of Clemens (= main actor).

The recruits in the Wesel Barracks. Clemens is seated at the extreme left of the middle row. March 1941.

Soldiers of the 95th Infantry Division collect the newcomers at the Kolpna station  near Livny late March 1942.

A Russian Hiwi helps out with the equipment of the newcomers. He leads several horses carrying provisions. Late March 1942.

Soldiers of the 95th ID the day before the start of the summer offensive 1942 in the staging area. Tension and worry. The date is 27 June 1942. The soldier in the foreground cooking is named Schmidt, see reading sample "Lutschessa Valley".

Young Lance Corporal (Obersoldat) with the faithful horses in an orchard behind the jumping-off position. 27 June 1942.

Third day of the big summer offensive 30 June 1942. The 9th Company has taken the village of Murafskij-Schljach and advances further to the East. The soldier without helmet carries the mortar tube. (This unfortunate man subsequently lost both his testicles through wounds sustained in two separate actions). In the distance is the neighbouring section in dispersed formation.

The soldiers in long coats are Russian prisoners from Murafskij who were brought along by the Germans during the continuing advance. They help to carry the heavy ammunition boxes.

Waiting at the Livny-Woronesh railway embankment. This line formed the final attack goal of the 95th ID during the 1942 summer offensive.

Clemens was sent to the Military Academy in Prague and commissioned as officer (Leutnant, in Engl. Second Lieutenant). April 1943.
At this time he had received numerous decorations including the Iron Cross 1. and 2. class. Another visible decoration is the "Sturmabzeichen" (Assault Badge). In fact, the award of the Iron Cross 1. class was at the recommendation of CO Division Großdeutschland.

Return to the old company in the 95th ID after Prague. Clemens is lying in the grass to the left. The division is defending part of the "Buffalo-Position" (Büffelstellung) near Dorogobush. May 1943.

Normandy in early spring 1944. The 84th Infantry-Division is stationed to the South of Dieppe. Exercise with black face paint.

Normandy in early spring 1944. Soldiers of the III. Battalion of the 84th ID, Grenadier-Regiment 1051. Clemens in the centre with peaked cap .

Captain Hartwig (with document case under his arm in the middle), CO of III. Battalion, Grenadier-Regiment 1051.Clemens was his Ordonnanzoffizier and is standing right behind him (slightly obscured). June 1944.
Hartwig was subsequently killed in action fighting with the re-formed 84th ID on the Dutch-German border between Kleve and Kranenburg in February 1945.